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80000 vacancies in Banks in next two years

Good News! Those who are taking preparation for jobs in government banking sectors, would be very happy to hear such news. Huge number of posts will be vacated in next two years in different nationalized banks including State Bank of India. Around 80000 bank employees are going to retire in next two years (2015-2017). It will result a huge vacancies in different govt. sector banks.

bank jobs newsNews from the sources, more than 78,800 staffs will retire in this years out of which, 39,756 staffs (19,065 Officer and 14,669 Clerk) in this financial year. In next year, around 39,000 employees will retire out of which 18,506 Officer and 14,458 Clerk. According to Finance Ministry, there will be few recruitment on contract basis. Thereafter, notification for permanent recruitment process will be issued.

Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jately told in a press conference that few nationalized banks are thinking about recruiting employees in their organizations through campusing from some reputed institutions of the country. But the process has not been implemented yet due to some legal complexity.

So friends, this is really a very good news undoubtedly. Finger crossed!


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