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IBPS Clerk-IV Success Story of Ankur Yadhuvanshi

Want to read success stories of IBPS Clerk-IV qualified candidates? Today we will share IBPS Clerk-IV sucess story of Ankur Yadhuvanshi. Read out!

Name -  Ankur Yadhuvanshi

IBPS Clerk-IV Marks - 155

Interview Marks - 50

Combined Score - 72

Allotted in - Bank of India

Hello everyone, I have been selected as a clerk in Bank of India. I would like to give the credit to my family and off course Mahendra Coaching Institute. I would like to say to every banking aspirant that the only way to succeed in IBPS is to score more and more because it is in your hand whereas in interview you can not judge your marks because it is in interviewer written score is 155 and in interview I obtained 50 only. My combined score is 72. All the best to every one.

Thank you very much Mr. Ankur for sharing your IBPS clerk-IV success story with us. It will surely motivate other aspirants who are struggling. Wish you a very prosperous life ahead.

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