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IBPS Clerk-4 GK Questions asked on 07.12.2014 (Evening Shift)

We have shared here some of general knowledge questions of IBPS Clerk CWE-IV online exam held on 07.12.2014 in evening shift. Go through!

    ibps clerk-4 ga questions
  1. What is the currency of Greece?
  2. Where is the capital of Cambodia located?
  3. On which day World Pneumonia Day is celebrated?
  4. What is the validity of Kisan Credit Card?
  5. Where will be the G-20 summit held?
  6. Who regulates monetary policy?
  7. Who is the present union minister of Information and Broadcasting?
  8. What is the age limit for minors to open savings bank account in bank?
  9. What is the full form of FEMA?
  10. Full form of TDS?
  11. Who appoints banking ombudsman?
  12. On whose birthday Unity Day has been celebrated?
  13. Under which Act, KYC norm is implemented?
  14. Which which sports, Ajay Jayaram is associated?
  15. Between which two countries Hidu-Kush is situated?
  16. Who is the present chairman of National Women Commission?
  17. Full form of IPO? (Ans- Initial Public Offering)
  18. What is the full form of NAV?
  19. In how many days, money of Kisan Bikash Patra doubles? (Ans- 100 days)
  20. Full form of NPPA?

So friends, share your attempts in IBPS clerk-IV online test held on 07.12.2014 with accuracy.

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