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GK Questions of IBPS Clerk-IV exam held on 13.12.2014 (Morning Shift)

ibps clerk-4 gk
Looking for today's IBPS clerk-4 GK questions? We are going to share here general awareness questions of IBPS clerk CWE-IV online exam held on 13.12.2014 in morning session with answers. Check out!

General Awareness questions asked IBPS Clerk-IV exam held on 13.12.2014 (Morning session)

  • What is the importance of KYC (Know Your Customer)? (Ans- to prevent money laundering)
  • Currency of Brazil? (Ans- real)
  • Full form of NAV? (Ans- net asset value)
  • Before Narendra Modi, who was the first Prime Minister of India who gave speech in Hindi in UN? (Ans- Atal Bihari Vajpayee)
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia? (Ans- riyadh)
  • Where is the headquarter of UNDP located? (Ans- new york)
  • From which constituency Nitin Godkari has been elected in Lok Sabha election 2014? (Ans- nagpur)
  • Full form of IPO? (Ans- initial public offering)
  • On which day Air Force Day is celebrated? (Ans- 8th December)
  • Richard Flanagan belongs to which country? (Ans- Australia)
  • Which is the cultural capital of Gujarat? (Ans- Vadodara)
  • With which sports Seema Punia is associated? (Ans- Discus Throw)
  • On what basis, interest on savings bank account is given? (Ans- Daily basis)
  • Which of the following is not a monetary tool? (Ans- base rate)
  • Who is the present cabinet minister of Science & Technology? (Ans- Harsh Vardhan)
  • Which country ranked top in Asian Games 2014? (Ans- China)
  • Which medal did the women Kabaddi team of India won in Asian Games 2014? (Ans- Gold medal)
  • To which sports is Tintu Luka related? (Ans- Athletics)
  • Theme of SAARC summit 2014? (Ans- Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity)
  • Which company provided Verge E-mail? (Ans- IBM)

Please Note: These questions have been collected based on the memory of the candidates.

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