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GK Questions asked in IBPS RRB-III exam held on 27.09.2014

ibps rrb 2014 gkThe online exam for IBPS RRB CWE-III 2014 recruitment has just been held. We are going to share here the general awareness questions asked in IBPS RRB CWE-III 2014 online exam which was held on 27.09.2014.

GK Questions of IBPS RRB CWE-III held on 27th September, 2014

  • The limit of tax-free home loan in general budget 2014?
  • Smart car has been launched by which car company?
  • With which sports Yuki Bhambri is associated?
  • Footballer Lionel Messi belongs to which country?
  • Which Indian state has the capital Gangtak?
  • To which sports Ryder Cup is related?
  • Who was the first Governor General of India?
  • Winner of Parliamentary Award in 2014?
  • In which state Bio-Food Park has been set up?
  • Headquarter of ISRO is situated at?
  • With which sports Vikash Thakur is associated?
  • The term 'Volley' is related to which game?
  • What is the currency of China?
  • Who has launched 'Make in India' terms?
  • In which year, Kargil War was fought?
  • To which sports Jai Bhagwan is related?
  • Which international organization has 28 members?
  • Roberts Adevedo is the President of which international organization?
  • Which country has the currency Taka?
  • Which is the first satellite of India?
  • Nabin Patnaik is the Chief Minister of which state?
  • What is the full form of SEZ?

We have collected these questions based on the memory of the candidates. If you remember rest of the questions, you may share here.

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