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GK Questions asked in RBI Assistant 2014 Exam held on 24.09.2014

The online exam for RBI Assistant recruitment exam 2014 has just been conducted. Here we are going to share the general knowledge questions which were asked in online test held on 24th September 2014. Check these out!

General Awareness questions of RBI Assistant Exam held on 24.09.2014

  • With which sports Tinku Loka is associated?
  • Who is the present Governor of Rajasthan?
  • Who is the Cabinet Minister of Atomic Energy?
  • Sattriya dance belongs to which state?
  • Who won the Oscar award for best actor in a leading role this year?
  • What is the currency of Malaysia?
  • Who is John Kerry?
  • Which country has the capital named Victoria?
  • Who is the present Railway Minister?
  • Who is the author of the book ‘Cry, the Peacock?
  • With which sports Leander Paes is associated?
  • Who is the winner of US Open 2014 women’s singles?
  • Who is the winner of French Open 2014 men’s singles?
  • Kathakali is a dance belongs to which state?
  • Which cricketer has won the Arjun Award in 2014?
  • Who is the author of the book ‘ The God of Small Things’?
  • Who is the present minister of Urban Development?
  • On which day National Sports Day is celebrated?
  • Who won the Fide World Rapid Chess Championship 2014?
  • Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Maharashtra?
  • What is the rate of Public Provident Fund (PPF)?
  • Who is the present Vice-President of USA?
  • Which country has the capital Mogadishu?
  • The no. of cities in India that have e-visa to promote tourism?
  • Who has been conferred Padmabhushan Award 2014 in the field of science?
  • In which state the hill station Akaru is situated?
  • What is the currency of Denmark?
Note: these questions have been collected based on the memory of the candidates appeared for the online test.

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