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GK questions asked in SBI Clerk 2014 exam held on 27.07.2014

State Bank of India (SBI) has just conducted online exam for the recruitment of Assistant/ Clerk post. The online test was held on 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th July, 2014. We are going to share here some of general awareness questions asked in SBI clerk 2014 online test held on 27.07.2014 (for both morning and evening sessions).

General Awareness questions of SBI Clerk 2014 exam held on 27th July, 2014

    sbi clerk 2014 gk
  • What is the currency of Indonesia?
  • What is the capital of Argentina?
  • Who is the chairman of Bhartiya Mahila Bank?
  • On which day World Press Freedom Day is celebrated?
  • Who is the minister of Social Justice and Empowerment?
  • Bank's profit is reduced by?
  • When were 14 banks nationalized in India?
  • Chairman of HDFC bank?
  • Capital of South Korea?
  • What is the purpose of Planning Commission?
  • When was Reserve Bank of India nationalized?
  • World Tourism Day is celebrated on?
  • What is the full form of NPCR?
  • In bank KYC (Know Your Customer) is needed for?
  • Who is the present Defence Minister of India?
  • What is the new name of Pune University?
  • For how many days call money is issued?
  • With which sports Gillette Cup is associated?
  • Who is the food minister of India at present?

We have collected some of the questions based on the memory of the aspirants. You may share rest of the que here as comments.

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