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Model Marketing Aptitude Question for SBI PO Exam (Set-1)

marketing aptitudeLooking for some sample marketing knowledge questions? State Bank of India has released the recruitment notification for Probationary Officer (PO) recruitment. In SBI PO/ Clerk exam, there is one section on marketing aptitude/ knowledge. So, here we have share few sample marketing aptitude questions for upcoming SBI PO exam.

Q.  What is 'World-of-mouth' marketing?

A. Unpaid advertising
B. Triggered by the company
C. customer consulting
D. none of these

Q.  What is the full form of CRM?

A. Company Resource Marketing
B. Customer Relationship Management
C. Consumer Reaching Marketing
D. None of these

Q. Who is the client of an advertising agency?

A. Major
B. Corporate
C. Customer
D. Account

Q. Which is not a 'market follower' strategy?

A. Initiator
B. Adapter
C. Counterfeiter
D. none of these

Q. What do you mean by B2B?

A. Buyer to brand
B. Business to buyer
C. business to business
D. buyer to buyer

Q. What is the full form of DSA?

A. Driving Sales Ahead
B. Delivery Staff Agency
C. Direct Supplier Agent
D. Direct Selling Agent

Q. How do you describe 'Advertising'? It's a(n)-

A. Service Marketing
B. Direct Marketing
C. Indirect Marketing
D. Internal Marketing

Q. What is Marketing?

A. A one day function
B. A skilled person's jobs
C. A one time act
D. All of these

Q. What is the target group of Car loans?

A. Taxi Drivers
B. Car Dealers
C. Car Purchaser
D. All of these

Q. What do you mean by ROA in banks?

A. Return on Assets
B. Rate of Allocation
C. Ratio of Assets
D. Only (B) and (C)

we will publish soon more marketing aptitude questions for SBI PO/ Clerk exam. Stay Tuned with us!

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