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IBPS Clerk-III Interview Experience of Dewanshu Chandrakar

Want to read interview experience of IBPS clerk-III common interview? We will publish ibps clerk-III common interview experience of candidates who have already appeared at the interview. Today we are going to share interview experience of Mr. Dewanshu Chandrakar from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

My interview was held on on 13th-feb-2014, it was all good. Here goes my experience. Hope it will be useful for you.

INTERVIEW DATE: 13-02-2013
INTERVIEW VENUE: Hotel Venkatesh International, Raipur

My Experience-
I was the first in verification and Interview as well.
So I did,t get the chance to prepare myself mentally...It thought "Itni jaldi kya hai inko ?"
Then, I entered the room, asked May I come in? they said, Yes.
I saw the panel, there were 4 person in the panel, 3 male n a Female officer.(Let M1, M2, M3<Female>, M4)
The whole conversation was in HINDI.
Mere kuch bolne se pehle hi M1 bole..."bethiye".
I said "Thanks"
Then I wish All of them good morning.(female first).
[Our chair was placed far from their table,So that they can watch you completely from head to toe(to check your Body Language]
Then M1(Very Softly and Gently) Said..."Naam Kya hai Kaha se ho ?"
I said "DEWANSHU CHANDRAKAR and I'm from Raipur"
Then he asked..."Chhattisgarhi aati hai kya beta ?"
I Said Yes then he "Thik hai apna intro chhattisgarhi me do"
(I got it's very easy) I Replied with confidence.
Than M1 Passes to M4, He asked "ATM ke kya kya fayde hai ?"
I Replied with confidence (Convinced them)
M4: (Asked 1 question I forgot, even i listen it first time)
I said.... sry sir iske baare me nahi jaanta...
M3(Female): RBI ke kaary kya kya hai ?
I replied...but she was not Convinced...she was looking for one word i did't got it...
Then M2: Aaj ka newspaper padha kya kya khaas hai usme ?
(Railway budget was the Headline)
I said about Railway Budget and they asked some que about it,,,\
M3: (Asked About my family background, Then Asked About my Village, Then asked about Agriculture Process...smthng smthng....
I replied all with confidence.
Then they said ok you can go now....
And i wished them thnks and good day...
(mear interview 5 min me khatam ho gya... mujhe samjh nahi aya ki ye positive hai ya negative !!!)

Thanks Mr. Dewanshu Chandrakar for sharing his IBPS clerk-III interview experience with us! Wish you good luck for your result!

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  1. i am an exservicemen from tamil nadu and got 100 marks in ibps clerical III written exam, is there any chance for me


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