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IBPS Clerk-III Interview Experience of Mahendran from Tamil Nadu

As you know we have announced to publish interview experience of the candidates appeared in IBPS clerk-III common interview. We have already published interview experience of some candidates on our website. Now we are going to publish the IBPS clerk-III interview experience of Mr. Mahendran who have sent us his interview experience.

Here is my interview experience.

Name: Mahendran
Qualification: B.Sc Maths with computer applications
Date: 12-02-2014
Place: IOB,  Coimbatore
Panel : 3
Time: 8.30 A.M
Category: OBC
Score: 105

Document verification starts at 8.30 sharply.. My interview starts at 11.20 and I’m the 12th member in my panel.. 3 of them are absent. There are 3 Men and 1 Lady. All of them asked me questions and they are very very friendly. Questions asked for me ( All questions in my local language only).

Q; Where are you from?

Me; Answered

Q; Again he asked my exact location

Me; I told my village name nearby the city ( thn he told my native also nearby ur village oly and then he asked my schoolings, colg and my subject thn the conversation going abt our land..) He knw very well abt my area so he asked questions frm that only.

Q: Why no higher studies?

Me; Explained

Q; What's your favorite sports?

Me; Cricket

Q; Who hits century  in minimum balls?

Me; Corry anderson

Q; In how many balls he hits century?

Me; 36 balls and 102 runs

Q; Tell me some indian mathematician names? ( I’m B.Sc maths graduate)

Me: Ramanujam, Sagunthala devi.

Q; Who find  0 (Zero)?

Me; Indians

Q; Tell me the name.

Me; I don’t  knw but I told ariyabatta ( but correct ans).

Q; Tamil nadu based nationalized banks any 2

Me; Indian bank and IOB

Q; In which year baks are nationalized?

Me: 1969 and 1980.

Q: Tell me the dates.

Me: Dates I don't knw sir.

Q; Why Indian bank 1st preference?

Me; Ths bank located nearby my village .

Q; If you appointed other districts what’ll you do?

Me; No problem fr me sir I’m ready to work.

Q; Difference b/w credit card and debit card.

Me; Answered

Finally they told me to read tamil newspaper ( type of poem in Tamil).

And told to write 3 lines in tamil. I did one mistake thn thy identify that and told its ok
The whole interview took 10 mins

Thank you Mr. Mahendran for sharing your interview experience with us and wish you All the Best for the result!

You may also share your IBPS clerk-III experience like Mr. Mahendran with us. For this, fill up this form with your interview experience details and send it.

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