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IBPS clerk-III interview experience of Priyanka on 14.02.2014

Ms. Priyanka Kumari has shared her IBPS clerk CWE-III common interview experience with us. Read out her full interview experience.

My interview was on 14th february. When I entered in the room, I wish them by sayinf gud evening all of you. They told me to sit and I tell them thanks. They saw my documents and started asking questions in english.

They asked me- tell me about yourself ? I answered the question then asked me about my family members, like what is your father, where does he work etc. They asked me about the function of bank and about RBI. What is CRR and SLR. another question is about mahila bank and about my graduation subjects. They asked what are the fundamental  rights of indian people. They asked my total marks scored in examination and what are my score in maths. How much interest does bank give on saving account. And my last question is - why it is necessary to earn women. At last they wish me and I tell thank you and my interview was over.

Thank You Ms. Priyanka for sharing your interview experience with us and wish you good luck for your result!

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