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IBPS PO-III Interview Experience of Lekha Das from WB

Want to read IBPS PO-III 2013 interview experience of candidates? We have started to publish IBPS PO-III common interview experience of candidates appeared for the interview recently so that many aspirants who are going to appear for the common interview will get some ideas about the interview. Hope it will help all the aspirants! Ms. Lekha Das from Siliguri, West Bengal has sent us her IBPS PO-III interview experience. Read out her full interview experience.

Name : Lekha Das  
Home Town : Siliguri
Interview Center : UBI  Head Quarter, Kolkata, 
Reporting  Time : 1.00 PM
 Document Verification Around 4.30 PM

 Around 6 PM I enter the interview room. I wished them good evening. They offered me to seat..And I thanked them . There are 4 members in the panel. All are very cooperative.

Chairman : So  you are coming From Siliguri?

Me : I answered Yes.

Chairman: Introduce yourself.

Me : Answered

Chairman: What do you know about Banking?

Me : Answered Confidently.

Chairman: What is the difference between Cheque & Draft?

Me : Answered

Chairman: What is the function of RBI?

Me : Answered

Chairman: If I issue Draft of your Name then who is the owner , I said me, Then  asked if I will not give it to you then?
 Here I was confused. CM Said No Idea?? I Said No Sir.

Chairman: When you go to Bank for Deposit what time Bank have taken ?? Here The question is not clear for me whether it is Cheque or Cash.  I Only Answered about Cash Deposit & 1st Member Told About Cheque 

4th Member : What is NPA?

Me : Answered  & They said very good...

4th Member : If  you are Posted In Ahmedabad then what will you do?. Your family will allow ??

 I Said Yes ..and ye question ka answer Hindi me diya .. I told ke maine bahat hard work kya hai iske liye and me janti hu ke mujhe kahiv posting milsakti hai.. Iske liye mentally preapare hu.. Aur jaha v posting milegi waha ka culture & environment se naya kuch sikhne ko milega ye sab...They Said Very Good..

They told me to go I Said Thanks & Happy New Year To All of you.  They wished me also...That's It ..It Is quite Good Experience..Lets See. 

We thank Ms. Lekha Das for sharing her IBPS PO-III interview experience with us. Wish her Good Luck!

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