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IBPS PO-III 2013 Interview Experience of Agni Ghosh

As you know that we have decided to publish IBPS PO-III interview experiences of the candidates who have already appeared for the common interview. Today we have given here the IBPS PO-III common interview experience of Agni Ghosh.

Venue : UBI HO, Kolkata
Panel : 3
Time : 1 pm
[I was the last candidate in my panel and was called at around 6:30 pm]

There were 4 members in the panels. All were males.

1. Tell us something about yourself.
2. Do you play any sports?
3. Why do you want to work in bank?
4. What is stem cell technology?
5. What did you do after your post graduation?
6. What is your views on student unions?
7. What is your family background?


Total duration: 7-8 minutes.
The members were really friendly and helpful. Overall it was a nice experience except for the long wait.. :)

We thank Agni Ghosh For sharing your IBPS PO-III interview experience with us and Wish you Good Luck for the result!

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1 comment:

  1. IBPS Clerk 3
    I want to share my interview experience which was held today morning.
    Name: Arpan Ghosh
    Center: UBI South Regional Office, Kolkata
    Date: 19.02.14 Time: 8.30 AM
    Panel: 6 Member: M1, M2, M3 and F1
    My document verification done around 9.30 and my turn came for Interview around 10.15. I entered with a smile and wished good morning to everyone. They wished me back and offered the sit.
    M1: Where do you live?
    M1: Who are there in your family?
    M2: Introduce yourself.
    M3: You have worked in deutsche bank? Tell me the spelling. What was the job? Now i said mainly reporting, data management. I had to work on excel. Now...
    F1: What is HLookup? before giving her the answer...
    M3: Do you know the rank of deutsche bank? I said number 1 in Germany, then he said no globally. I answered it should be within top 5. Now the M1 said, means you don't know, just tell that. I said, yes sir, I don't know. Again...
    M3: So you have done MBA, you know about mutual fund? I said yes.
    M3: What is close end and open end mutual fund. I answered.
    M3: What is front end load MF and what is back end load MF? I could not answer as i heard it first time.
    M3: You don't know? We take all MBA guys for selling the MFs.
    M3: What was your specialization in MBA? I said IB.
    M3: Some questions on export documentations which was not clear.
    M3: What is GR? I answered. Then he again started asking about some shipping documents and terms.
    M3: What is IMF?
    M3: What is world bank and ADB? I answered but he was asking some counterattack questions.
    M3: What are the differences between IMF and World bank. Hearing all these i was thinking, they called me for clerk interview or any position in world bank.
    M3: What you know about international business? I said...hedging...currency he asked...
    M3: What is arbitrage? I knew but forgot. He asked some more questions on risk mitigation. At that time, i was losing my confidence. One member tried to rescue me but M3 did not give any chance to that guy or any other panel member. It was completely one on one with the M3. It lasted 20 to 25 mins. And finally...
    M3: you can come now.
    Though i was not in a position to wish but still tried to bring a smile on face and wished them thanks. No clue why they took such interview for clerk position. I can't see any hope....


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