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IBPS Clerk-III General Awareness Questions held on 1.12.2013

Today we are going to give here some of general awareness and banking awareness questions which were asked in IBPS clerk CWE-III online exam held on 01.12.2013. This consists of questions of both morning and evening shift.

GK questions asked in IBPS Clerk-III exam held on 01.12.2013

  1. World Diabetes Day is on?
  2. Where was 23rd CHOGM Summit held?
  3. Winner of Miss Universe 2013 Crown.
  4. Who is the author of the book 'Casual Vacancy'?
  5. What is the full form of SLR.
  6. In which state Nagarjuna Dam is situated?
  7. Winner of Indian Grand Prix 2013 tournament.
  8. Which singer got Bharath Ratna award?
  9. What is Truncated Cheque?
  10. Which leader associated with NSAP?
  11. Which country is the largest exporter of Gold at present?
  12. One question on MICR code.
  13. One question on Micro Loan.
  14. Winner of Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration.
  15. Which famous personality born in Skkopje?
  16. Question on Banking Ombudsman.
  17. Question on EMI.
  18. Sergey Bubka is associated with which sport?
  19. Which Indian cricketer recently scored double century against Australia?
  20. Credit flow in agriculture is increased by which product?
  21. Largest coffee producing country in the world.
  22. Name the organization which is working for the welfare of women.
  23. One question on White Label ATM.
  24. One question on Banking Regulation Act.
  25. One question on Whole Sale Banking.

Candidates may share here rest general awareness questions asked in IBPS Clerk CWE-III held on 1st December, 2013.

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