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GK Questions asked in IBPS PO-III exam held on 09.11.2013

Looking for IBPS PO-III GK questions of 9th November, 2013? We have given here the general awareness questions of IBPS PO-III online exam held on 09.11.2013.

General Knowledge questions of IBPS PO CWE-III held on 09.11.2013

  1. Pride of Nation Award winner.
  2. Author of the Book 'My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions'.
  3. What is the upper limit in RTGS?
  4. What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?
  5. What is the name of the rocket which was launched recently by Japan?
  6. India's GDP rate reduced by ADB is?
  7. What is the full form of ICDS?
  8. Function of IMF.
  9. Who is the permanent representative from India to UNESCO?
  10. Headquarter of Oriental Bank of Commerce.
  11. Winner of Bronze medal in World Junior Chess Championship 2013.
  12. Angela Markel is the chancellor  of which country?
  13. In which state, Rajiv Gandhi Aviation University is going to be set up?
  14. What is the full form of CDMA?
  15. Asia Cup Hockey Tournament 2013 winner country.
  16. Two questions from SEBI, NEFT.
  17. Name of the recipient of Indian Globe Award 2013.
  18. Interest of savings account's amount are calculated on which basis?
  19. In priority loan, the max limit of education loan.
  20. Under which scheme all the roads in India are being connected?
  21. The maximum limit of loans given by MSME to medium companies is?
  22. What is called if treasury bill is less than 91 days?
  23. Name the bank which has recently launched financial services through Facebook.
  24. Nobel Economic Prize 2013 winner's research topic.
  25. One question from DEMAT Account.
  26. Full form of SIFI.
  27. What is the color code of SEBI for high risk?
  28. Penalty for violation of FEMA Act.
  29. Other name of money laundering market.
  30. Who is the CEO of i-GATE company?
If you recall some of questions asked in IBPS PO-III online test held on 9th November, 2013, share with others.

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