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GK questions asked in IBPS Clerk-III exam held on 30.11.2013

IBPS has just conducted the first day of Clerk Common Written Examination (Clerk CWE-III) today i.e. on 30.11.2013. The online test has been held in both morning and afternoon session. We are going to share here some of general awareness questions asked on 30th November, 2013.

General Knowledge/Banking Awareness questions asked in IBPS Clerk-III exam held on 30.11.2013

  1. Full form of EFT.
  2. Where did Sachin Tendulkar play his last ODI match?
  3. Who is the author of the book 'Satanic Verses'?
  4. Which film won the best film award in IIFA 2013?
  5. Largest exporter country in world?
  6. Tessy Thomas is related in which field?
  7. RBI provides loan to banks. It is known as? (Repo rate)
  8. On a bank cheque, there is a 9-digit code. It is called? (MICR number)
  9. Which country has the capital Yerewon?
  10. Full form of NEFT.
  11. Which statue is in Gujarat? (Sardar Ballvbhai Patel's statue)
  12. Which of the following is public sector bank?
  13. How many medals did Indian won in London Olympics 2012?
  14. Which of the following does a farmer can use to withdraw money? (Kishan Credit card)
  15. What is the full form of BSBDA?
  16. When RBI will reduce CRR, what happen?
  17. Martha Dodrey campaigns for which disease? (Polio)
  18. One question on Swarna Jayanti Rojgar Yojona.
  19. Under which department, does Sworojgar Yojona come?
  20. Which software is used in Net Banking?
  21. The name of wife of the Prime Minister of India?
  22. The complaints of customers are dealt by? (Banking Ombudsman)
  23. Question on Bank assurance.
  24. Below which rate, loans can not be provided? (Base rate)
  25. Question on Credit Pulling.
  26. Which is not retail banking?
  27. 2-3 questions on Know Your Customer (KYC).

You may share here some questions asked in IBPS Clerk CWE-III online exam held on 30.11.2013.

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