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IBPS PO/Clerk Sample Computer Knowledge questions (Set-1)

Want to give free online computer awareness mock test for IBPS PO/Clerk exam to judge yourself? Here we have given a set of 10 important computer knowledge questions which are very useful for upcoming IBPS PO/clerk online exam.

1. The part of the computer which is used for comparing and calculating is-

B. Control Unit
C. Disk Unit
D. Disk Unit

 2. When a user assigns a name to a document is called-

A. Record
B. File name
C. program
D. data

3. The term Bit can be defined as-

A. Binary Language
B. Binary Digit
C. Binary Number
D. Megabyte

4. Which of the following are the most common input devices?

A. microphone, printers
B. scanner, monitor
C. digital camera, speaker
D. keyboard, mouse

5. What do you mean by 'URL'?

A. a type of programming object
B. a computer software program
C. a page on the World Wide Web (WWW)
D. a piece of hardware

6. In LinkedIn, which of the following you will find?

A. chat
B. connection
C. application
D. games

7. Which of the following lets you to access emails?

A. forum
B. weblog
C. message board
D. webmail interference

8. What is DVD? It is a(n)-

A. Hard Disk
B. Optical Disk
C. Output Device
D. solid state storage device

9. When you turn off your computer, the contents of which of the following will be lost?

A. memory
B. storage
C. input
D. output

10. What is the default view in Excel?

A. Work
B. Normal
C. Roman
D. Auto

Don't forget to mention your obtained score here (out of 10).

Hope you have enjoyed this online free mock test for IBPS computer knowledge questions. More model questions will be provided here. Till then check some of our previously published important and expected model IBPS questions which are given below.

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