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IBPS PO-III General Awareness questions held on 26.10.2013

The 3rd day of IBPS PO/MT CWE-III online exam 2013 has just held today i.e. on 26.10.2013. The online test was conducted in both morning and evening session. We are going to share here some of the general awareness questions asked in IBPS PO-III online exam 2013 held on 26.10.2013. (All these questions are collected based on the memory of the candidates appeared for this exam on 26.10.2013)

General Knowledge questions asked in IBPS PO-III exam held on 26.10.2013

  1. Name the Indian movie which was nominated for Oscar in 2013.
  2. Chairman of Forward Market Commission (FMC).
  3. First woman chief of Information Commission of India.
  4. New President of Iran.
  5. New woman chairperson of SBI.
  6. New chairman of AADHAR.
  7. What is the Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate in October 2013?
  8. Who is the writer of Oscar-winning movie 'Life of Pie'?
  9. In which state, maximum number of rural people live?
  10. Which is the member of BRICS?
  11. Who got the Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna award 2013?
  12. Name the bank who open 15000 branches recently?
  13. GAAR implementation date.
  14. Name the book which was written by Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor).
  15. What is the full form of NOFHC?
  16. What is the present Bank rate?
  17. In which state, Sundarban is located?
  18. What is the full form of RIAD?
  19. Manodhairya scheme has been launched by Maharashtra government for whom?
  20. Population growth rate during the period 2001-2011.
  21. With which game Pullela Gopichand is related?
  22. Food grain scheme launched by Himachal Pradesh.
  23. In how many category does RBI divide Indian states on the basis of MDI?
  24. The limit of FDI in civil aviation.
  25. Which of the following is Surface-to-Surface missile?
  26. Who is the present chief of WTO?
  27. According to CSO, the GDP rate of India in 2013?

You may share here some other questions asked in IBPS PO-III online test held on 20th Oct, 2013.

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  1. the reasoning paper is one too tough n they can not ask common pattern cmpltely differ than prievious one

  2. reasoning paper is tough one not get atlest minium marks.patern is differnt


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