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The First, Oldest, Largest, Biggest Bank in India: Banking GK

We use to publish short notes and objective question with answers of banking awareness on our website. Today we are going to provide some very important questions on banking industry i.e. The First, The Oldest, The Largest, The Biggest banks of India. Check all these questions which will be very important for IBPS, SBI, RBI PO/clerk recruitment exams.

1) Which was the first Indian commercial bank that was wholly owned and managed by Indian?
Ans: Central Bank of India

2) Which was the first Indian bank that was started solely with Indian capital?

Ans: Punjab National Bank (PNB)

3) Which was the first private sector bank in Kerala to become a scheduled bank in 1946 under the RBI Act?

Ans: South Indian Bank

4) Which is the India's oldest bank?

Ans: State Bank of India (SBI)

5) Name the largest Bank of India.

Ans:  SBI

6) Which Bank has the maximum number of branches in India?

Ans: SBI

7) Which is the second largest Private Sector Bank of India?

Ans: The Federal Bank Limited

8) Which is the first bank to open a branch outside of India?

Ans: Bank of India, opened in London in 1946

9) Name the bank which was started as private shareholder bank.

Ans: The Imperial Bank of India

10) Which was the first Indian Bank to be given ISO Certificate?

Ans: Canara Bank

11. Which was the first Indian Bank to open a branch in continental Europe?

Ans: Bank of India, in Paris, France in 1974

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