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GK questions asked in IBPS PO-III exam held on 20.10.2013

Searching for GK questions of IBPS PO exam held on 20.10.2013? We have already written a complete review on IBPS PO-III online exam held on 20.10.2013. Now we are going to share here some of general awareness questions which were asked in IBPS PO/MT CWE-III online test 2013 held on 20th October, 2013.

General Awareness questions of IBPS PO CWE-III held on 20.10.2013

  1. The headquarter of which bank is not in Mumbai?
  2. The HQ of which of the following bank is not in Kolkata?
  3. What is the full form of GAAR?
  4. President of Zimbabwe.
  5. International Women's day is on?
  6. Venue of Olympics game in 2020.
  7. What is the full form of REER?
  8. Venue of G-20 summit in 2013.
  9. Jnanpith award 2012 winner.
  10. Director of the film 'Satyagraha'.
  11. Join venture of TATA Son and Singapore airlines.
  12. Which of the following book is not written by Chetan Bhagath?
  13. On 30th September, 2013, RBI increased the Repo rate by?
  14. 28th member of European Union.
  15. Due to wrong deduction of money while using ATM card, how many days are required to refund the money?
  16. In 2013-2014 year, GDP growth forecast by CSO is?
  17. Award given to finance minister P. Chidambaram.
  18. Meaning of Balance Sheet.
  19. First Indian origin Miss America in 2013 is?
  20. One question from Swarna Jayanti Sarkari Rozgar Yojona.
  21. CEO of Apple Incorporation.
  22. Headquarter of WTO.
  23. Interest rate of FCNR.
  24. With which sport Ranjan Sodhi is associated?
  25. Full form of EASIEST.
  26. Which country has the capital Beirut?
  27. What is the full form of TLE?
  28. Designer of Indian Rupee Symbol.
  29. For what purpose IFSC code is used?
  30. Books written by Dr. Manmohan Singh.
  31. Who is the CEO of India's first woman bank?
  32. Who is the new director general of CRPF?
  33. Maximum investment limit for micro finance.
  34. In which year, Information Technology act came into force?
  35. New version of banking software by Infosys

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