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GK Questions of IBPS RRB CWE-II held on 28th & 29th Sept, 2013

Waiting for review and questions of IBPS RRB Office Assistant CWE-II exam 2013 held on 28th & 29th September? The online exam for IBPS RRB office assistant (multipurpose) recruitment 2013 has just been conducted. Here we have given some of the general awareness questions of IBPS RRB office assistant (clerk) exam held on 28.09.2013 and 29.09.2013. We already posted review and GK questions of IBPS RRB PO exam held on 21st & 22nd September, 2013 after the online test.

General Awareness questions asked in IBPS RRB clerk exam held on 28th & 29th Sept, 2013

  1. Days under MGNREGA scheme.
  2. HQ of ILO (International Labour Organization (ILO).
  3. Present governor of RBI.
  4. Present president of USA.
  5. Kisan Days is celebrated on which day?
  6. Which is the capital of Egypt?
  7. What is the full form of ATM?
  8. Which is the capital of Mizoram?
  9. Who is the winner of Dhyan Chand Award 2013?
  10. Portugal's currency?
  11. Number of members of SAARC?
  12. Who is the present present cabinet minister of labour and employment?
  13. Who is the present army chief of India?
  14. Author of the book 'A Tale of Two Cities'?
  15. Which bank has just got best bank award?
  16. Which country will host ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament 2015?
  17. Capital of Meghalaya.
  18. Vijendra Singh is related to which sport?
  19. Who issues Rs, 10 and above notes?
  20. Who is the present finance minister?
  21. Who wrote Gitanjali?
  22. Rate of CRR?
  23. Athlete Yelena Isinbayave belongs to which country?
  24. Who got Dronacharya Award for Archery in 2013?
  25. Which movie was awarded for best movie in 60th Film festival?
  26. Which bank has the highest no. of RRBs?
  27. Saina Nehwal is famous for which sport?
  28. One question from Oscar award.
  29. Which is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar island?
  30. How many countries are in ASEAN group?
  31. Present vice president of India?
  32. Who is the president of Afghanistan?
  33. Who is the Chief Justice of India?
  34. In which state Khajuraho temple is situated?
  35. Which is the capital of Argentina?

If you remember rest of the questions you may share with others as comments.

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  1. 1.head office of wto
    2. lok sabha opposition leader
    3. UNESCO full form
    4. 2015 world cup to be held in

  2. 1. IFSC code is of how many digits..?? 11
    2. First Indian women to win an olympic medal..?? Karnam Maleshwari
    3. World Water Day..?? March 22
    4. Capital of Argentina..?? Buenos Aires
    5. Currency of Australia..?? Dollar
    6. Jnanpith Award Winner 2012..?? Ravuri Bharadhwaja (Telugu)

  3. 1. Midnight children was written by
    2. Tehra dam is on the basis of which rivers
    3. Devadas author
    4.Afganisthan President
    5. capital of mariqutes
    6. south korea currency


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