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GK Questions of RBI Grade-B Officer 2013 Exam held on 24th & 25th August

RBI conducted last two phases of Group-B officers recruitment exam 2013 on 24.08.2013 and 25.08.2013. The question paper was moderate according to all the applicants appeared for the RBI Grade-B officer exam 2013 held on 24th & 25th August. Questions from specially reasoning section were too lengthy and took lots of time to solve. Here we are giving some of general awareness questions of RBI Grade-B officer recruitment exam 2013 held on 24.08.2013 and 25.08.2013.

General Awareness questions asked in RBI Grade-B Officer exam held on 24th & 25th August

  1. Who has been appointed as the new Managing Director of SBI?
  2. Who is going to be appointed as the new Governor of RBI?
  3. Currency of Bolivia.
  4. What does 'P' stands for in PAN?
  5. What is the full form of FCCD?
  6. Parimarjan Negi is associated in which game?
  7. Who is the author of the book 'Development as freedom'?
  8. Winner of Australian Open 2013 men's singles title.
  9. Question on stale cheque.
  10. Which is the top international bank in India at present?
  11. What is the import rate for Gold at present?
  12. Which is the central bank of Australia?
  13. On which day World Food Day is celebrated?
  14. In IBL 2013 which team does Saina Nehwal belong to?
  15. Which is the central bank of Europe?
  16. CDS stands for?
  17. How the interest is paid in PPF?
  18. One question on FCNR a/c.
  19. Who is the founder of Microsoft?
  20. Who has been awarded Tagore award 2013 for cultural harmony?
  21. What kind of the tax VAT is?
  22. World Tourism Day is celebrated on?
  23. Who is the chairman of Woman Bank?
  24. Percentage of CRR.
  25. Founder of WIPRO.
  26. Winner of Roger cup tennis women singles title 2013.
  27. Which country has the index 'Cac-40'?
  28. Name the country that has highest reserve of gold.
  29. World Water Day is on?
  30. One questions on function of SEBI.

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