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GK questions of RBI Grade-B officer exam held on 17.08.2013

The 1st phase of Reserve Bank of India Grade-B officer recruitment exam 2013 was held on 17.08.2013. The 2nd and 3rd phase of exam will be conducted on 24th & 25th August, 2013. Yesterday we have written review on RBI Grade-B officer exam of 17th August. Now we are providing here some of general awareness questions which were asked in RBI Grade-B officer exam held on 17.08.2013.

General Awareness questions asked in RBI Grade-B officer exam of 17th August, 2013

  1. Present Repo rate by RBI.
  2. In which year did RBI issue last banking license.
  3. On which day 'No Tobacco Day' is celebrated? 
  4. Percentage of FDI in banking sector.
  5. What is ECGC?
  6. Present head of World Bank.
  7. Banking Ombudsman's function.
  8. Who manage Brown ATM?
  9. Who is the present President of Pakistan?
  10. First woman bank of India.
  11. One question from Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR).
  12. Who issue Treasury Bill? 
  13. Number of members of OECD at present.
  14. What is saving deposit?
  15. Minimum years for Public Provident Fund (PPF). (Ans-15 years)
  16. What is FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board)?
  17. Distribution of income between state and central government is decided by?
  18. What is the expected GDP growth for the year 2013-14?
  19. Meaning of DEBT Trap.
  20. What is the minimum capital paid by new banks for banking license? (Ans-500 crore)
  21. One question on recession. etc.

Note: All these questions are based on memory of the candidates appeared for this exam.

Candidates may share here some questions of RBI Grade-B officer 2013 exam held on 17.08.2013.

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