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RBI Assistant Exam 2013 review held on 27th & 28th July

The written exam for the recruitment of Reserve Bank of India Assistant in 2013 has been conducted and the written exam process on 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th July have been completed. Now it's time to give a review on the exam. We have already written here on RBI Asst. exam review on 20th July's exam. Now we are going to write a review on RBI Assistant recruitment exam held on 27th and 28th July, 2013. Happy reading!

At first go with Reasoning! The reasoning section was not so tough and take much time to attempt all questions. Questions were asked from coding/decoding, syllogism, seating arrangement, input/output, data sufficiency etc. The English Comprehension part was easy and the questions were as usual. The numerical aptitude section was tough as the questions were too complex and it takes too much time to solve the questions within stipulated time.

The computer section was too easy and mainly concentrated on basic computer knowledge questions which quite resembles with bank recruitment exams. The last one is general awareness section. The general knowledge questions mostly came from current affairs (around 25-30 questions!). There were few questions from banking related.

So, according the candidates, the overall question paper of RBI Assistant exam 2013 was very good and show its standard. Candidates may share here some questions and their attempts in RBI Asst. recruitment exam held on 27th & 28th July, 2013 as comments.

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  1. over all rbi exam moderate...numerical section had back bending simplifications..other parts were usual..logical was easy if you have a higher level of preparation ie if you prepare for standards of po/mt,specialist who have habit if reading newspaper daily will have a walk in the park in the gk gk questions were about
    1)hq of IRDA?
    2)which bank has hq at kolkata?
    3)foregin secratery of india?
    4)which country awards nobel prize?
    5)hq of world economic forum?
    what can be infered from gk question is that if some issues about a particular organasation comes in news then you have know about the complete details about the organization and the reason why is it in news...this will help in extensive coverage,i am saying this because ,they asked where is the hq of irda..its has been recently changed to hyderabad..the persons who theoritically read ready made gk books will mark the answer as be updated with current affairs of the country and world....have a lotof practise so that you complete within time..time management is essential..


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