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IBPS Clerk-II Interview Experience & Success of Pachipulusu S Mahesh allotted in Canara Bank

ibps clerk-II success storyInterview Experience Details


 I reached the interview venue at 11.30., later I have chit chatted with my local places guys(I mean Andhra, Telugu people). Went inside the place at
12.00 and went for verification of documents. There i saw many people were
reading different books related to bank, current affairs and related things,
for a while I was shocked by seeing them. Finally, my docs got verified that
to in my native language(I mean conversation). That guys asked us to have
lunch and come. I came to know that I'm the 2nd guy in panel-1, so I refused
to go for lunch. now its my turn for interview..
 Before I share my details, one thing I want to tell is the guys who were
going to take interview were very energetic and bold, firstly by seeing
them I felt fear to communicate with them, but the  interview was gone

Actually they were (M1,M2,M3,F1)
I entered the room and greeted every one with warm wishes and they too
repiled me. At that moment I felt some what relaxed and went ahead. They
were friendly and kind enough to tackle the students.

The questions asked are as follows:

M1: I think he is the head of that 4 people. He started with my name MAHESH, I
told yes sir,Done BE? ,yes sir and told that I have done from Dr. AMBEDKAR
INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLGY,Bangalore. He greeted nice.
 Next he started with couple of questions, why bank? - I answered some what
and I told proud to work in banking sector, later he added a point that even
people working in INFOSYS, TCS will proud to work in their companies., but I
told working in GOVT sector feels better than in private sector. Next he
asked what your friends are doing now? and did you apply for any private
sector jobs?

 Next he started with BANKING questions. Here it goes
1.  What is a Bank? -- i explained confidently
2. He took a concept of liabilities and assets., whether DEPOSIT is a asset
or liabilities?
 I answered it is a liabilities, because it is not our own money  and we
have to return it back.
3. Whether LOAN is an asset or liablities?
 I answered it is an asset, because it is our own property and lending to
some people with rate of interest then he told., that you understood the concept.., I really felt very happy for his comments....:)
4. tell me the online transactions?
 I told Online banking, Mobile banking and again Internet banking., he told
that online and internet are same.., I told sorry
i was silent for a while.., Then he only gave a clue that fund transfer..ok
sir I got it and told NEFT and RTGS. He was satisfied.
5. What is NPA?
 but I was not able track the acronym., He was telling that you know tell.
He only gave a clue as Non Performing Assets., Later I explained the concept.

-----Next the turn was to M2

M2: Well Mahesh, you told that you know Kannada to read , write and speak.,
yes sir i told so can you introduce yourself in Kannada. I did and  he was satisfied
 later he gave a news paper and asked to read an article in Kannada paper.,
i did it.

-----Next the turn was to M3

M3: He asked about my hobbies?
 I told about my hobbies and then he asked about yesterdays's festival
(HOLI). He asked to explain why Holi were celebrated?
 I told the story confidently because the previous day only I came to know
about the Holi story. He was satisfied.
Later he asked why colors only have to be thrown in Holi,I didn't answer but
in point of time he asked another question. Will you celebrate Holi with
strangers? I answered

-------Next the turn was to F1

F1: actually she was also discussing about the Holi festival only like it
was very famous in North India than in South India and about the
disadvantages which occur due to the chemicals in that color and asked me
to tell STRONG point and precautions.
Last but not least question was " The personality who admired you?"
I told N.T RAMA RAO. She was knowing that personality but M1 was not
knowing and she only convinced him
 Thats it...! My interview was over and every one thanked me and wished me
(All the very best).. HOPING FOR BEST...!!
Finally allotted to CANARA BANK

We thank Pachipulusu S Mahesh for sharing his success story with us and also many many congratulations for his success!

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