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SBI PO 2013 General Awareness questions of 28.04.13

Looking for SBI PO 2013 General Knowledge questions? The SBI PO 2013 common written exam was conducted on 28.04.2013 as pre-scheduled. Many of regular readers of our website told us that the questions were very easy as compared to previous year's SBI PO questions. The english and reasoning questions were very time-consuming. Here we are going to give some general awareness questions of SBI PO 2013 exam.

General Knowledge questions asked in SBI PO 2013 exam held on 28.04.2013

  1. Woman's World Cup Cricket 2012 winner.
  2. Full form of 'AA' in GAAR.
  3. What is captive marketing?
  4. Who is the new Prime Minister of China.
  5. Head of 14th Finance Commission.
  6. What is NPA.
  7. The duration of 12th Five-Year planning.
  8. Full form of CTS.
  9. Reverse repo rate is___.
  10. The banking ombudsman policy in India has been introduced by ___.
  11. Who set bank's holidays?
  12. The author of the book 'Playing to Win'.
  13. Book written by Yuvraj Singh.
  14. Change in Repo rate in recent version.
  15. What is JNNURM?
  16. Who was Verghese Kurien?
  17. The fund allotted for Women's Bank in Union Budget 2013-14 is ___.
  18. Which life time acheivement award was given to Pt. Ravi Shankar?
  19. Best actress in 85th Oscar Award winner.
  20. TATA is now associated with which airlines?
  21. Who is the head of IMF?
  22. What is cross selling in marketing?
  23. Term related to cricket.
  24. The amount of Income Tax exception.
  25. Full form of EVM etc.

Note: These questions have been collected based on the memory of the candidates.

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