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Marks of IBPS SO 2013 exam are now available - IBPS SO score

Waiting for scores of IBPS SO 2013 exam? IBPS has declared the marks for Specialist Officer online exam held on 16th and 17th March 2013. The result of IBPS SO online exam was published on 16.04.2013. IBPS announced that the IBPS SO scores in individual subject and Total Weighted Standard Score (TWSS) score after the publishing the result of written test. IBPS keep thier words! They have released the scores on the 10th day.

To check your IBPS SO (SPL-II) marks, visit the following link-

How the IBPS SO scores have been calculated

Candidates are confused about the marks obtained by them. We have given below the formula to calculate the IBPS SO standard scores.

Total Weighted Standard Score = Standard Scores obtained in (Reasoning + 1/2 English Language+ Quantitative Aptitude / General Awareness+ 1 1/2 Professional Knowledge)

So, don't forget to mention your IBPS SO marks below.


  1. So muchhhhhh worried..:(:(:(.. cleared sectional cut offs in obc cat but could'nt clear in total weight age....

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  3. which is best job between ibps specialist officer or ibps probationary officer. And why????

    1. Well, that depends on you and your choice. Let me clarify. IBPS SO is a job where you have to handle one particular task (ex- IT officer) whereas PO has to handle all the work in a bank. He has to handle customer and their demands directly. So work pressure for PO is more than SO. Now ask yourself which job you really want to do and you suitable for.

      Hope you got my points.

  4. please tell me sir ji.........

  5. Got 53.2 marks in Agriculture Field Officer-2013(IBPS Specialist Officer-II)in Gen category. What are my chances of getting into Bank of Baroda??Is there any link having cutoff marks for Specialist officers inducted in different banks through Specialist Officer-2012 examination?

  6. I have got my score as 668.2 in combined CWE and Interview. Are there any chances of me getting allotment based on the past result?


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