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IBPS clerk-II interview experience of B. Vani Vaidehi

Name : B. Vani Vaidehi
Age: 22

Interview date: 28 march
Venue: Andhra bank, Koti
IBPS clerk-II marks: 135

Interview Experience Details:

There were 4 members in panel.3 male and 1 female.

M1: asked about family background, educational background, ibps score (135),
he said I have a good score, why banking after B.Tech, inspiration to come
into banking( I told about my friend who works in bank).

what does IT sector do in banking, how technology is used in banks, why don’t u focus on becoming a PO now itself(coz I said PO is my long term goal), did technology improve customer service, if yes how?, what is data base management?

About my hobbies, role model, FDI, will you support or oppose FDI(I opposed, he then asked me the source of funds if FDI is not there, I said nothing), what is the book of Gandhiji, Nehru.

M4:(in Telugu):
I came to bank and I'm kept waited for a long time, I'm fed up and about to complain, how would you deal me n stop me from complaining?

Which one do you drink more, coffee or tea?
I said I have half cup of both every day.
They all laughed saying that I'm balancing everything. They said that I've done well n wished all the best.
I thanked and left.

The panel members made me feel very comfortable. It’s the third interview after SBH clerks and Deccan Grameena Bank. This is the best panel I've got. May be the previous interviews gave me good experience.

We wishes B. Vani Vaidehi good luck!

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