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IBPS clerk-II interview experience of Suraj Kumar from Jharkhand

Interview Experience Details

Name : Suraj Kumar
IBPS clerk-II marks: 141
Date: 24 March 2013
Venue : Hotel Arya, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Panel 4 members
Time : 8.30 am
Duration of interview : max 10 min.

Questions were asked to me in the interview:

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Why graduated in IT with distance mode.
3. Given a Hindi newspaper to read a paragraph and summarize it.
4. Difference between public and private sector banks?
5. Economy of Dhanbad (my home town)?
6. Importance of RRBS?
7. Five output devices?
8. Some points of railway budget and couple of other questions.

The panel was very friendly in nature and it was a good interview.
I've got 141 marks in gen category from Jharkhand. Let's pray to god that I succeed in this interview.

IBPS-NEWS wishes Suraj Kumar good luck!

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