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IBPS clerk-II common interview experience of Srikanth

Name : Srikanth
Age: 24
Interview Date : 23.03.2013

Interview Experience Details:

I faced ibps clerk-II common interview on 23rd March, 2013. Already I am working in RRB near Karnataka, so I am expecting to go my region with this.

Interview was max. 10 minutes. It was held like a conversation, but I explored how much I want to succeed in that attempt.


Following Questions were asked in IBPS clerk-II common interview :

Q1. Introduce yourself to me in Telugu/ English?
Simply finished it.

Q2.  About your family?(which I was not mentioned in 1st answer)
I told... they convinced.

Q3. You studied BA! So u might better to go GROUPS/CIVILS but why you are trying this side?
I took coaching for exclusively banks & trying since 2 years so pursuing this side, if now I though for groups my goal will be disturbed because syllabus is different.

Q4. Tell us about my experience in IKP. Like this... Some more questions!!

 Best Of Luck to all aspirants.

IBPS-NEWS wishes Srikanth all the best for his interview!

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