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SBI Clerk interview experience and success story by Shashank Mishra

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Name : Shashank Mishra

Age : 21

SBI clerk written marks : 155

Interview marks : 34

Interview venue : Varanasi

State : U.P. 

Interview Experience Details given by Shashank Mishra in SBI clerk interview

I have got 155 MARKS in written exam and 34 marks in interview. I belong to Gorakhpur(U.P) My interview of SBI was very awesome. It was held at VARANASI. My chance came in the evening at 6 p.m. There were 4 members in the panel.1 Lady and three were gents. They all were very cooperative.
When I entered the room, I wish them. They asked me to sit.


M1-:  Mr. Shashank, tell me that what is your good name?

It was really a very interesting question. I told my name to him.

M1-: Tell me something about Gorakhpur?

I told him about Gorakhpur.

M2-: What is marketing and suppose you are in an organization which is earning much and much profit, then why there is a need of marketing?

He also asked me about my city Member of Parliament and the FIR registered on him about that time.

M3-: You have a good academic record, then why you do not want to become an IAS officer? You have topped Gorakhpur University then why are you going for clerical cadre?

M4-: Tell me about RBI and the central bank of United States of America?

 At last when my interview was over, they commented that you have got a good and vast knowledge about your subject and social points. Keep it up and good luck for future.

IBPS-NEWS congratulates Mr. Shashank Mishra for this achievement. Best wishes for your future life!

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