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SBI Associate Bank clerk interview experience of Abhishek Garg

Interview Experience Details: SBI ASSOCIATES Clerical Interview Experience by Abhishek Garg

My center was Staff Training Center, SBBJ, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur.

The timing specified in the call letter was 8:30. I reached there on time and I was fortunate that my turn was on number 3. Firstly I reported at my respected panel for my attendance and they verified the documents. All the documents are to be self attested only. The document verification process was without any headaches. The people in charge helped in every way possible for them. After verification, I proceeded to waiting hall, and from the hall went to interview room.

No. 2 Candidate was absent, so my turn became 2. My heart was beating fast. My heart beat went even faster when the first candidate came out of the room weepingly. Yet he has cleared the private bank interview earlier. I was very nervous but controlled my mind and take a long breath.

I entered the room and there were 4 persons, 1 lady and 3 men.

Q1. Han Abhishek,  kya kar rahe ho ajkal?
I answered about govt. job prep, so they asked.

Q2. Konsi Govt Job??
Q3. What is SSC?? (Really they don’t know about that, only they know about
Q4. Aap Btech(IT) ho, Bank Me kyun?
Q5. Ok what are the challenges in banking sector?
Q6. What are the main concerns of banking industry to promote their business?
Q7. What is good? Adding new customers or retaining existing customer?
Q8. When bank were nationalized?
Q9. What is the benefit of nationalization of banks?


Ok , So you r student of Maths. So tell-
Q10. What is binomial series? Tell the expansion of binomial theorem?
Q11.What is probability?


Q12. Which language did u study?
Q13. Do you know about website?
Q14. Who is the founder of Infosys?
Q15. Do you read the letter by Narayana murti? If yes, what message he wants to convey?
Q16. Who is the founder of Apple?
Q17. What is the difference between I-pad and other tablets?


Ok Abhishek tell me
Q18. Who is the finance minister?
Q19. In the end of February, what would he do?
Q20. Ok what is Budget?
Q21. The difference b/w expenditure and budget is known as?
Q22. How can we reduce fiscal deficit?
Q23. What is your hobby?
Q24. Give the dimension of badminton playground.

At last they said me to leave with a comment "good beta".

I was stucked only in 3 questions - Fiscal deficit (totally blank), nationalization related ( answered wrongly) and concerns of banking.

Hey friends you may think that so much questions?? But I will say that all of them are so friendly that I didn't feel that I was giving interview, not for a single minute. I was giving answers and they were asking question like when friends or colleagues asks something to us. Best ever interview I have faced yet.

But I guess, the interview experience will differ according to the panel/center for everybody.
Best of luck to everyone who is going to attend interview.
Hope my post helps you.

Many many congratulations to Abhishek!

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