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IBPS PO-II Common Interview experience of candidate from West Bengal

The IBPS clerk-II common interview notification has been declared and the interview will be started in few days. The selected candidates in IBPS clerk-II online test are being prepared themselves for the interview. Most of the shortlisted candidates will appear at the interview for the first time. So, then don't have any job interview experience specially bank recruitment interview. Considering such issue, we have decided to interview experience of candidates who have appeared for IBPS & SBI PO/clerk/SO/RRB recruitment interview. Go further to read the interview experience of the candidate.


Interview experience of Sauvik Chakraborty who appeared for IBPS PO-II common interview

Hello, myself Sauvik Chakraborty from Haldia. I had my IBPS PO II Interview on 20/01/2013 in Kolkata at UBI building. I scored 155 out of 250 in written. There were 4 members in the interview panel.

The following questions were asked to me in IBPS PO-II common interview:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What is unlawful command? Have you any experience in your job life?
  3.  What is the difference between percentage and percentile?
  4.  What is SWOT Analysis?
  5.  Suppose you are a bank manager. Then how will you handle a project proposal using SWOT analysis.
  6.  Tell us something about your hometown.
  7.  What is credit risk and market risk?
  8.  What is credit worthiness?
  9.  How will you measure credit risk of a customer at the time of giving loan?
  10.  Who is K. C. Chakraborty?
  11.  Tell us something about nationalization of banks.

I have given 90% of the questions and it was a very nice interview experience.

Have you any IBPS/SBI recruitment interview experience? Then visit here and write your interview experience (mention your name, interview date, venue, questions you have been asked etc. as given above) and press submit. We will share your interview experience in our website.

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