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Cutoff marks will not be changed in IBPS PO-II revised allotment

Good news for all candidates who have provisionally got allotment through IBPS PO-II recruitment 2012! The cutoff marks in IBPS PO-II revised allotment will not be changed. I have mailed to IBPS yesterday and IBPS Director replied me that no change in cutoff marks. The Director also said that the provisionally selected candidates may be allotted to new banks. That means no new candidates will get a job after IBPS PO-II revised allotment.


IBPS has issued a public notice just after completion of the previous allotment process which is given below-
On receipt of feedback from the different levels, it has been decided to keep the provisional allotment made to banks for recruitment of Pos/MTs for filling up vacancies for 2013-2014 in abeyance. Revised provisional allotments will be made known shortly.

After reading this news, the selected candidates became too upset. No need to say that  what was their mention situation at that time. Many candidates asked us about the news. We have sent a mail to IBPS for this purpose. Really it a great news heard from IBPS authority. But one bad news is that candidates may have to lose their favorite bank allotment as got in the previous allotment. Anyway we have attached below the snapshot the mail about the conversation between me and IBPS (Click the image for big screen).

IBPS PO-II revised allotment, IBPS PO-II allotment in banks

The revised allotment process will be completed by the end of March, 2013.


  1. hello,
    In various places it was written that the new allotmnet result will publish by monday,but it was not done so...can we know the result publising date???

    1. Hello,

      Don't believe such news published in anywhere. Those are not correct info. You can expect the result of revised allotment by the end of this month as the IBPS Director informed us via mail. See the above image.

    2. hi priyabrata,i hav secured 58.5%(general) in ibps po do u think that any chance of waiting list_II.and any chance of getting po job in this season..please reply......

    3. -hi priya...i hav secured 58.5%(general)in ibps po do u think that i will get a chance in next waiting list of ibps.please reply me..


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