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IBPS Clerk-II interview experience of Santanu Karmakar

Name : Santanu Karmakar

Interview Date : 21.03.2013

Category :  OBC

Interview Venue :  United Bank of India Training Center, Alipore, Kolkata-700027

Interview Experience Details given by Santanu Karmakar

There were five members in my panel.
Questions were asked in Bengali English and Hindi. Sequence is given below as per my memory. Hope share of my experience will help you. I am sharing this because of my friend Priyabrata Das’s request.

1st Person:

Q1. Who had the same name that u have?
Q2. Why have you given this name?
Q3. Where r u came from?
Q4. What are you doing now?
Q5.Asked something about my family i.e. how many members, what my father does etc.

2nd person:
Q1. What is the difference between nationalized and private sector banks?
Q2. How banking industry works?
Q3. If any bank faces any loss then how that bank will return money to his customers?

3rd Person:
Asked nothing.

4th Person:

Q1. What is algorithm?
Q2. What is full form of DDL?

5th Person(madam):

Q1. Have you studied c/c++?
Q2. What is URL?
Q3. What is your favorite subject in computer?
Q4. What is the full form of OSI?
Q5. What is the difference between OSI layer and TCP/IP?
Q6. Layers of OSI and TCP/IP?
Q7. What is SQL?
Q8. Asked about some functions of c language.
Q9. Who is the governor of RBI?

Again 1st person:

Q6. Have you applied for SBI PO?
Q7. If u will get chance in SBI PO then what will you do?
Q8. What is your strength and weakness?

And there were some more talks about my personal matter and reverse question after giving my answers.
Interview was continuing for 25 mints.

Thank you Santanu for sharing your interview experience with us and IBPS-NEWS wishes you good luck!

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