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IBPS clerk-II interview experience of Nagendra Lakshmi Kumar Satti from AP

Interview Experience Details:

Name :  Nagendra Lakshmi Kumar Satti
My score: 131,
Category:  general,
Interview Venue: Vijayawada, A.P.

There were four members in panel (3 Male, 1 Female).

 Q-M1: Personal details, Family & Education back ground,
  Regarding Job experience, Biocon ltd C.E.O., Biocon computer in the market, Why banking, Bank clerk duties.

 Q-M2: First Governor General of India, Where is 'Pataliputra'? Your hobbies.

 Q-M3: NABARD, RRB , Financial inclusion.

 Q-Fe: Organic chemistry, Organic Food, Customer Satisfaction.
  They wished me all the best.

 Panel was co-operative.

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