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Interview experience in IBPS clerk-II common interview by Shrikant Reddy

Name: Shrikant Reddy

Age: 24

Date of interview: 23rd march

Venue of interview: Hyderabad

IBPS clerk-II marks : 119

IBPS clerk-II common interview experience details of Shrikant Reddy

4 Members were in panel (M1, M2, M3, M4)

Q1: Entered the room, greeted everyone.

Q2: Tell me about yourself?

Q3: Knowledge of local language?

Me: Yes, but I can only speak, don’t know how to read and write.

Q4: Your score?

Me: 119

Q5) It is very low.

All the members said Better luck next time. Your score is very low.
No questions from banking.

I didn't understand at all, what happened actually, if score is too low then why I was selected for interview.

Any suggestions from your side.

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  1. Can above guy be selected in tis situation????What are the chances for him??? Will he be disqualified??? Can anyone suggest please...its my request.


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