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Discussion : Questions asked in IBPS Clerk-II Common Interview

The IBPS Common Interview for clerk recruitment has been started from 16th March, 2013. IBPS has decided to conduct a common interview this year for clerical cadre post in different public sector banks like IBPS PO-II common interview. Candidates qualified in IBPS clerk CWE-II are getting preparation for the interview. Some of them have already attended the common interview. Getting some responses from the readers, we have planned to start a discussion on IBPS clerk-II common interview here. Don't hesitate to join this discussion.


In the 2nd IBPS clerk online exam, around 1 Lakh candidates have cleared the test. Some regular readers of our website have sent us some questions which were asked in the interview. We have given here some of those questions.

Questions asked in IBPS clerk-II common interview

  • Introduction about yourself
  • Questions on family background
  • This is the most important questions if you are a I.T. graduate- after doing degree in I.T. why banking sector?
  • Tell us about your hobby.
  • What are your strength and weakness.
  • Questions from graduate level/domains.
  • Current Affairs questions.
  • Questions on ATM, Debit card etc.
  • Some full form of banking related term like NABARD, NPA etc.
  • What is Repo Rate, CRR etc.?
  • Questions on Call money, no frills account, financial inclusion etc.
  • Questions on mobile banking, I-banking etc.
  • Questions on RBI such as functions of RBI, no. of governors in RBI etc.
  • Why do you think that you are suitable for this post?
  • Are you interested to get job posting in rural areas?

Important Instructions:
  • Candidates are being asked questions in local languages. So, if you don't have proficiency in local language, you should think for it before attending the interview.
  • Bring all necessary relevant documents in original & photo copy with self attested. Read here to know which documents to carry for the interview.

Have appeared already IBPS clerk-II common interview? Share your interview experience with us. For more details visit here.

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  1. If candidates are questioned in local languages then how the biharis can come and give interview in Assam ? How the f*** they will talk in assamese ? I went for interview today and saw that there are many biharis coming for interview.


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