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IBPS Clerk-II Common Interview Notification published

Have you qualified in IBPS clerk-II online exam & waiting for interview notification? Then here is a good news for you!  IBPS has published today the common interview notification for the clerk-II recruitment exam. The official notification for clerk phase-II exam was published in October and the online exam held in December 2012. The result of the online exam was announced in January 2013. This year IBPS decided to conduct a common interview for all  qualified candidates in clerk-II online test like the IBPS PO CWE-II recruitment.


In the 2nd IBPS clerk exam, around 1 lakh candidates were able to qualify the online test. Read out here about the comparison about no. of appeared & qualified candidates in IBPS Clerk-I 2011 exam. We have said in this article that the interview notification will be available in this month. This proves that we were true!

The IBPS clerk-II common interview will be started from 16th March, 2013. All the detailed information regarding common interview like date, time, venue of interview will be sent through email & sms to the candidates as given during the online application. The call letter for IBPS clerk-II common interview will be available after few days on IBPS official website

What after IBPS clerk-II common interview ?

This is a obvious questions the clerk-II successful candidates may ask. Well, IBPS clerk-II recruitment process is same as the IBPS PO/MT-II recruitment 2012. After the completion of common interview the combined result of online test and interview will be published by IBPS. Now IBPS will release the state-wise & category-wise vacancy details in the participating Public Sector Banks (PSBs). Thereafter the order of preference of banks registered by the successful candidates will be collected by IBPS. Based on overall performance in both CWE & common interview, a successful candidates will receive an offer from one of the banks. 

Get the IBPS clerk-II interview call letter from here.


Important points:
  • One candidates will get an offer from only one of the PSBs. That means if he/she doesn't get an offer from the most preferred bank, will not get a second allotment from other banks. So, be careful before the online registration of preference of banks.
  • The date, time, venue, centre of interview will not be changed. 

Important dates regarding IBPS clerk-II common interview :

- Interview call letters available : After 01.03.2013
- Interview starts from : 16.03.2013 
- Declaration of combined result of CWE and Interview : Second week of April 2013
- Notification of vacancies of each of the Participating Banks :  Last week of April 2013
- Registration of order of preference for banks : First week of May 2013
- Allotment in banks : Last week of May 2013

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