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Interview schedule for SBI SO (AGM, Manager) vacancies published

Did you apply for SBI SO posts? State Bank of India has published the schedule for interview for the recruitment of Specialist Officer [Assistant General Manager (Economist), Manager (Economist) & Deputy Manager (Fire)]. The notification for SBI 514 SO vacancies was published in October 2012 and the written was conducted on 02.02.2012.

The list of shortlisted candidates for interview have been made on the basis of the merit in written test. The qualified candidates in SBI SO written exam are only called for interview. To see the list of selected candidates for SBI SO interview, visit the following link-


Important Instructions
  • No shortlisted candidates are there for the post of Dy. Manager (Fire) as no one has fulfilled the minimum eligibility criteria for this post.
  • The interview for SBI SO posts will be conducted on 22.02.2013.
  • The interview call letters have already been sent to the shortlisted candidates by registered post. Information about date, time, venue of interview are mentioned on the call letter. All these information have also been mailed to the email-address of the candidates.

All the very best for the interview!

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