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Expected marketing aptitude questions for IBPS & SBI PO/Clerk exam

Do you want model marketing aptitude questions for upcoming SBI PO/clerk exam? State Bank of India has published  a notification for 1500 Probationary Officers a few days ago. The online application process is now going on. It's time to be prepared for SBI PO exam. But many aspirants do not have little bit of idea about marketing aptitude questions. The marketing aptitude part comes up not only in SBI PO/clerk exam but also in IBPS exama. We have decided to post here some sample questions on marketing aptitude. Check below for 15 expected marketing aptitude questions for upcoming SBI PO/clerk & IBPS online/written exam.

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Most important sample marketing aptitude questions for SBI & IBPS recruitment exam

1)  What is the meaning of Market Information?

A. knowledge of shops and bazaars
B. knowledge of shopping malls
C. knowledge of customer profile and product mix
D. none of these

2)  What do you mean by a Call? Calling on____.

A. Prospective customers
B. Bank employees
C. Friends
D. relatives

3)  What is a Target Market?

A. entire globe
B. entire country
C. entire city
D. consists of customers who need the identical product

4)  The meaning of Marketing Plan is-

A. Documented marketing strategies
B. Business targets
C. Company prospectus
D. None of these

5)  What do you mean by Marketing Channels?

A. sales targets
B. delivery outlets
C. delivery boys
D. delivery objects

6)  Service marketing is equivalent to ____.

A. Internet marketing
B. Telemarketing
C. Internal marketing
D. Relationship marketing

7)  On which of the following effective Selling depends?

A. peer strength
B. size of sales team
C. age of sales team
D. none of these

8)  What is the necessity of Market Research? For____.

A. effecting selling
B. levy of VAT
C. extra service charges
D. good customer service

9)  What is the meaning of 'USP' in Marketing?

A. Usefull Sales Procedures
B. Useful Selling Proposition
C. Unique Selling Propositions
D. Used Sales Plans

10)  'ATM' is____.

A. Any Time Money
B. Any Time Marketing
C. Automated Teller Machine
D. Automated Timely Machine

11)  What is marketing segmentation?

A. divides market into various groups
B. segmenting by age
C. segmenting geographically
D. all of the above

12)  What do you mean by a 'Lead'?

A. a buyer
B. a seller
C. an employer
D. none of these

13)  Sales forecasting involves-

A. Sales planning
B. Sales pricing
C. Distribution channel
D. All of the above

14)  A key challage to market-driven strategy is -

A. Delivering superior value to the customers
B. Selling maximum products
C. Employing maximum DSAs
D. Adopting short term vision

15)  Selling skills are judged by -

A. Number of goods sold
B. Amount of profit earned
C. All of the above
D. None of these

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