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1 Lakh candidates qualified IBPS Clerk-II exam : Interview notification will be published soon

Many of regular readers of our website have asked us about the total number of candidates qualified in IBPS clerk-II online test held on 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th December 2012. The online exam on December 15 (Evening session) was cancelled for some unforeseen reason and reschedule on December 29 & 30, 2012.

In IBPS clerk-II exam, total around 10 lakhs candidates from 15 lakhs applicants appeared. Out of these 10 lakhs candidates, only 1 lakhs were able to clear the online test. In the previous & 1st IBPS clerk CWE 5 laks aspirants from 30 lakhs were qualified. We are giving below a comparison between the total no. of qualified candidates in IBPS clerk -II 2012 and IBPS clerk-I 2011 written exam -

Years of IBPS clerk exam
No. of Applicants
No. of Qualified Candidates
42 Lakhs
 30 Lakhs
5 Lakhs
15 Lakhs
 10 Lakhs
1 Lakh


Note : This information has been collected from our closed source. We are giving the date here may not be exact number, but are approximate value.

The common interview notification like IBPS PO CWE -II  is being expected to be published in next month. For any updates regarding IBPS clerk-II common interview, keep checking our website regularly.

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