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Computer Awareness Question Paper of 29.12.12 IBPS Clerk CWE

Looking for IBPS clerk exam 2012 previous year's computer awareness questions papers? We are going to provide here the list of computer awareness questions of IBPS clerk re-exam held on 29.12.2012. This is the online re-examination of 15th December test (Evening Shift) as the exam was cancelled on that day. The computer knowledge questions were as usual. If you want to get the IBPS clerk computer awareness question paper of 29th December, 2012, read further.

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Computer Awareness questions asked in 29.12.2012 IBPS clerk CWE

  1. What is Internet Explorer?
  2. Software is a____. (Ans: Program)
  3. Full form of CAD.
  4. Which of the following is an input device?
  5. How a New Folder is created?
  6. At the time of power cut, which gives continuous power supply?
  7. Full form of DVD.
  8. If you want to select a whole document, which keys will you use?
  9. In which disk/drive will you install Operating System (OS)?
  10. To access internet which of the following is needed?
  11. Which of the following not a personal computer (PC)?
  12. In ALU, 'L' means ____?
  13. Decimal value of (101101)2.
  14. To print documents horizontally which of the following views we use? (Ans - Landscape)
  15. Function of MS Excel.
  16. Questions on spreadsheet, page numbering in MS word.

Note : This is review/discussion about 29.12.2012 IBPS clerk computer awareness question paper. All questions are based on the memory of the candidates.

In the IBPS clerk online exam 2012, readers of our website have got 70-80% common questions from our previously published IBPS sample computer knowledge questions. So, keep checking our website regularly for questions updates to obtain well score in IBPS exam.


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