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How to Face Interview for Banking Recruitment Exam

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Many candidates who qualify in the written examination through the ibps recruitment examination  and others examination, but fail in the interview. This is happened since those candidates don't have any idea about how to face an interview and what are the important things should be maintained before facing an  interview.  We have just provided here some suggestions about how to face interview, important things to be remembered during interview, how to behave in interview etc. Therefore we are giving some do’s and don’t’s in an interview, these are as follows –


1. Be Punctual

On your interview day you should  always reach  in advance at the interview venue. If those are made some changes interview schedule then be confirmed about it.

2. Keep All Documents

Arrange all the necessary document  that would be produced at the time of interview in advance . Before leaving for interview from home re-cheek all the documents whether you are missing some of them or not.

3. Knowledge About Current topics

Try to a look on the newspaper heading or some importance news . The interviewers may be ask about then.

4. Be Polite and Maintain Formalities

Before entering in the interview room you should greet to the interviewers and ask their permission to seat.

5. Proper Eye Contact

In between communication put your eye contact properly with the interviewer with whom you communicate.

6. Be Honest

If you do not know any of your asked question then say directly ‘I don’t know / I can’t recall’ etc . Always be honest at the time giving answer to the interviewers.

7. Be Positive

You should have a lot of enthusiasm . The interviewer  may be expect it from you . always display a positive attitude towards the interviewers. Always have a smile in your face.


1. Do not Unpunctual

Never be late in the interview . this is the greatest draw back. Always be aware about local traffic and take plenty time in hand to arrive at the interview venue in advance . If you have nothing to do in an unforced seen  event , you should contact the concerned office and aware the interviewers about the facts.

2. Do Not Noise

Never talk too much with others candidates who have just faced the interview before the interview start. These will increase your tension.

3. Do not be Casual But Simplicity

Do not casual in interview. after entering in the interview you should until are asked to seat. These is a common courtesy in the interview.

4. Do not Unconscious 

Always try to stay clam and quite. Let your mind to concentrate in interview.


In a short, your attitude should be full of enthusiasm, confidence (but not over), smart but not too casual and unconscious. Try to stay calm & quite and focus on the interview. Don't take the interview as an over pressure instead take it easy. The more you will have control on your tension the more comfortably you will face the interview. Interview is conducted to check the personality, smartness, capability of managing the work etc. That is why it is called as personality test. So, lot of knowledge in respective field is not an important factor to be selected in interview instead your personality is most important thing here.

We have published this article to help the aspirants who are going to face the upcoming IBPS common interview for PO/MT-II, interview for IBPS RRB, clerk, specialist officer recruitment exams.

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