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General Awareness questions of IBPS clerk CWE 2012 held on 23rd December

Searching for IBPS clerk GK questions of 23.12.2012? We have shared here about the general awareness (GA) questions of IBPS clerk exam held on 23rd December, 2012. According the aspirants who have appeared for IBPS clerk CWE-II held on 23.12.2012, the general knowledge part was very easy. Although many questions were related to banking industry, but overall questions were good to be obtained standard marks in GK part. Check the review of GA questions below.

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IBPS clerk GA questions asked on 23.12.2012

  1. Who is the present Civil Aviation minister of India?
  2. Name the chairman of SEBI.
  3. In which field Sarva Sikhsha Mission is related?
  4. SAARC member.
  5. Union Territory
  6. Arjun award winner in snooker.
  7. Chairman of CAG
  8. Name the national bird of our country.
  9. If you want to open a bank a/c, which documents do you need?
  10. ATM stands for?
  11. 14th November is celebrated for?
  12. Currency of USA, Brazil, France.
  13. Present Health Minister of India.
  14. Ricky Ponting is related to?
  15. Arunachal Pradesh's capital
  16. Bank Cheque book
  17. Question about Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojona
  18. Lady Gaga is
  19. Right To Education act
  20. Book of VS Naipal
  21. Highest GDP of which country
  22. Demand Draft
  23. Who is the Governer of Andhra Pradesh
  24. On 19th November, 2012 England was defeated by India in first test match by how many wickets?
  25. Highest sex-ration of which Indian state/UT?

N/B : All questions are collected from memory of the candidates.

In a short the GA part was not too tough to be scored good marks (from the view of aspirants). We have posted above some of the General Knowledge questions asked in IBPS clerk exam of 23rd December, 2012. If you recall the rest of the question, you may share below as comments.

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  1. can u give me the answers for these questions plz!!!


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