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IBPS clerk general awareness question held on 22nd December, 2012

Looking for general knowledge questions of IBPS clerk CWE held on 22.12.2012? We are going to share the GK questions of IBPS clerk CWE-II conducted on 22nd December, 2012. We have gathered the all the general awareness (GA) questions collected from the aspirants who have written the exam on the particular day. The GA questions were not so tough, but the questions related to banking industry were little bit tough (as per aspirants' view). But most of the candidates said that the GA part was too good to be scored well. Let's see which questions were asked in the IBPS clerk CWE of 22.12.2012.

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IBPS clerk GA questions asked on 22.12.2012

  1. In RTGS, 'R' stand for__.
  2. Giverner of Assam
  3. Commerce & Industry minister
  4. National river of India
  5. Bangladesh's currency
  6. In which field Bull and Bear are used?
  7. 44th President of USA
  8. HUF stands for __.
  9. In which field IRDA is related to?
  10. KYC stands for __.
  11. In 2G, 'G' means?
  12. In OECD, 'O' means?
  13. In science & technology, which award is given?
  14. Famous crop of Karnataka
  15. National fruit of India
  16. In MGNREGA, 'A' stands for?
  17. Full form of UIDAI.
  18. The book 'A view from the outside' is written by?
  19. What is the short term lending rate of RBI?
  20. Dronacharya award winner in 2012.
  21. Arjun award 2012 winner.
  22. Who is Jwala Gutta?
  23. Countries of BRICS
  24. Which of the following is the union territory of India?
  25. NATO member.
  26. What is Credit Card?
  27. Question on Aung Saan Suu kyi
  28. Symbol of political party issuer.
  29. Question on Incom Tax.
  30. India's Surface-to-Surface missile.
  31. According to IMF, which is the richest country in 2011?
  32. Book by Satish Gujral
  33. Full form of FCNR
  34. Milk Man of India
  35. Microsoft's new version of OS.
  36. Question from Mobile Banking


N/B : This is a review cum discussion. The above questions are based of the candidates' memory.

If you remember more of the GK questions of IBPS clerk online exam held on 22.12.12, then you may share with others by putting as comments.

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