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20 expected computer knowledge questions for IBPS Clerk CWE II

Searching for sample computer knowledge questions for IBPS clerk CWE-II that would be conducted in December? We are very glad to announce that we are going to put here about a set of 20 expected model computer knowledge questions for upcoming IBPS clerk cwe 2012. In this year, the IBPS clerk exam will be held online and you have to prepared yourselves for IBPS online exam . So, we have decided to make suitable the IBPS computer knowledge questions for online exam. That is why, we have put one 'Answer' button at the end of each question. Click this button which shows you the right answer. So start online mock test for IBPS computer knowledge questions.

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1) Hard disk drives are considered as which storage?

A. nonvolatile
B. flash
C. temporary
D. none of these

2)  Which of the following are the most common input devices?

A. digital camera, speakers
B. keyboard, mouse
C. microphone, printer
D. scanner, monitor

3)  Which of the following term is not associated with spreadsheet software?

A. cell
B. formula
C. worksheet
D. virus detection

4)  Which of the following devices is used to transmit data over telecommunications lines?

A. Platform
B. Modem
C. Drives
D. None of these

5)  One billion bytes are equivalent to one ____.

A. bit
B. gigabyte
C. kilobyte
D. megabyte

6)  Which of the following is the connection to the internet using a phone and a modem?

A. digital
B. broadband
C. dial up
D. dish

7)  Which of the following performs simple mathematics for the CPU?

C. Register

8)  Which of the following is the reusable optical storage?


9)  The computer processes ____ into information?

A. data
B. processor
C. input
D. numbers

10)  If we connect personal computers together, we can form a ___.

A. network
B. supercomputer
C. server
D. none of these

11)  If we want to reload a webpage which button do we use?

A. F2
B. F5
C. F10
D. F12

12)  The fastest, biggest and most expensive computers are-

A. Laptops
B. Personal Computers
C. Super Computers
D. Notebooks

13)  What is the name of a website's main page?

A. Browser page
B. Home page
C. Bookmark page
D. Search page

14)  If you want to enter the current date in a cell, which button do you use?

A. CTRL + F10
B. CTRL + F11
C. CTRL + ;(semicolon)
D. CTRL + : (colon)

15) Find out the odd one from the following.

A. Operating System
B. Assembler
C. Interpreter
D. Compiler

16)  What is the function of output devices?

A. Store data
B. View or print data
C. scan data
D. input data

17)  To undo the previous action, which buttons will you use?

A. ctrl + v
B. vtrl + u
C. ctrl + z
D. ctrl + d

18)  Which computer language is used on internet?

B. Java
D. None of these

19)  Where you will find the HELP menu?

A. Start
B. End
C. Turnoff
D. Restart

20)  If you want to change the selected text to all capital letters, which key(s) will you press?

A. Caps Lock
B. ctrl + shift + A
C. ctrl + alt + C
D. none of these

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