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Shortlisted candidates for interview in Andhra Bank PO and SO recruitment 2012

Andhra Bank has announced the shortlisted candidates selected for interview in Probationary Officer (PO) and Specialist Officer (SO) recruitment 2012.

The shortlisted candidates can download the interview call letter for Andhra Bank PO and SO recruitment 2012 by visiting here.

The shortlisted candidates will be given the blank Bio-Data formats through email. If any candidates didn't receive Bio-Data formats via email, he/she can download it by visiting here.

All the shortlisted candidates are advised to fill the Bio-Data form correctly and completely. Bring its five (5) copies that need to be handed over to the Venue Officer at the interview center.

To see the shortlisted candidates for interview in Andhra Bank PO recruitment 2012 visit the following links-

i) Link 1 ( From Roll No. 1120101209 to 1510113036)

ii) Link 2 ( From Roll No.  1510113322 to 1891301846)

iii) Link 3 ( From Roll No.  1891302828 to 2221314600)

To see the shortlisted candidates for interview in Andhra Bank SO recruitment 2012 click here

Candidates are requested to go through the guidelines as mentioned in the interview call letter.

Good Luck!

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