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21 Sample General Awareness Questions for IBPS Recruitment Exam

Looking for IBPS  model General Knowledge Questions? We have announced in our Official Facebook page about posting of some sample GK questions for upcoming SBI Associate Banks recruitment 2012 that are going to help on October 7, 2012 and IBPS bank recruitment exam. Today we are going to post a list of 21 important general awareness questions for different banks' exams.

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1)  Who is the author of the book 'The Exile'?

a)  Philip Roth
b)  Navtej Saran
c)  Aravind Adiga
d)  none of this

2)  The political party of Barack Obama is-

a)  Labour
b)  Republican
c)  Democratic
d)  American national Congress

3)  Name the award that was given to Pt. Bhimsen Joshi in 2008.

a)  Padma Bhushan
b)  Bharat Ratna
c)  Maharastra Bhushan
d)  Sangit Natak Academy award

4)  Mohammed Waheed Hassan is the President of which of the following country?

a)  Maldives
b)  Fiji
c)  Iraq
d)  Iran

5)  In which of the following cities the third IBSA Summit took place?

a)  Durban
b)  Sao Paolo
c)  New Delhi
d)  Suncity

6)  Which of the following is the India's Space Rocket Launching Centre?

a)  Kochi
b)  Sriharikota
c)  Tirupati
d)  Hassan

7)  Which is not a part of India's Money Market?

a)  Mutual Funds
b)  Banks
c)  Bill Markets
d)  Indian Gold Council

8)  For which field Dronacharya Award is given?

a)  Social Work
b)  Coaching in Sports
c)  Literary work
d)  none of this

9)  In which game 'Merdeka Cup' is associated?

a)  Football
b)  Hockey
c)  Golf
d)  Tennis

10)  Name the country which is not a member of IBSA.

a)  Brazil
b)  India
c)  Bangladesh
d)  South Africa

11)  Which is not a Government-sponsored organization?

a)  National Housing Bank
c)  ICICI Bank
d)  All are government-sponsored

12)  Who is the present Governer of RBI?

a)  Y.V reddy
b)  C. Rangarajan
c)  Rakesh Mohan
d)  D. Subbarao

13)  Which country is not a member of Nuclear Suppiers Group (NSG)?

a)  USA
b)  Iran
c)  Russia
d)  Italy

14)  Which country secured the top possition in medal tally in Beijing Olympics 2008?

a)  Germany
b)  USA
c)  China
d)  UK

15)  Who is the author of the book 'The White Tiger'?

a)  Jhumpa Lahiri
b)  Aravind Adiga
c)  Steve Waugh
d)  Chetan Bhagat

16)  How many medals did Micheal Phelps win in his Olympics carrier?

a)  18
b)  21
c)  20
d)  22

17)  Name the present Minister of Home Affairs in Union Cabinet of India.

a)  P Chidambaram
b)  Sushil Kumar Shinde
c)  Shivraj Patil
d)  none of this

18)  Where is the headquarter of World Bank located?

a)  Geneva
b)  New York
c)  Manila
d)  Washington D.C.

19)  Which country is not a member of OPEC?

a)  Algeria
b)  Iraq
c)  Iran
d)  Kuwait

20)  Which of the following rays has the highest energy?

a)  X-rays
b)  Bita-rays
c)  Gama-rays
d)  Alfa-rays

21)  In which year the U.N.O. was founded?

a)  1930
b)  1920
b)  1949
d)  1945

Answer Keys:

1)b 2)c 3)b, 4)a, 5)c, 6)b, 7)d, 8)b, 9)a, 10)c, 11)c, 12)d,
13)b, 14)b, 15)b, 16)d, 17)b, 18)d, 19)a, 20)c, 21)d

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  1. Please Post the Answers also .....

    1. Hello Abhishek,

      We have added the Answers Keys. Check it.


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