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Top Current Affairs of August 2012 helpful for IBPS CWE

Have you got the July 2012 current affairs from us? If so, searching for August 2012 current affairs? Today we are posting here important current events of August 2012 helpful for IBPS Common Written Examination.

Q: Who was the opponent Vice-Presidential nominee from NDA against the current Vice-President Hamid Ansari?
A: Mr. Jaswant Singh

Q: In july 2012 acoording to the official figures India's export to China fell down by what percentage?
A: 8 percentages

Q: Who is the Union Human Resource Development Minister of India at present?
A: Kapil Sibal

Q: On August 13, an important bill had been passed in Rajya Sabha. Which bill?
A: National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-sciences Bangalore Bill 2010.

Q: According to the Ministry of Commerce, India's exports fell down by-
A: 14.8 percentages to $22.4 billion

Q: Which country has the world's highest number of smokeless tobacco users?
A: India, 206 million

Q: Name the present Union Finance Minister of India.
A: Mr. P Chidambaram

Q: The Union Power Ministry decided to integrate which grid with the national grid in January 2014?
A: Southern Grid

Q: The Indian Coast Guard decided to induct a pollution control vessel. What is its name?
A: Samudra Paheredar

Q: Write the full form of SIDBI.
A: Small Industries Development Bank of India

Q: India recentlly successfully test-flown of a pilotless target aircraft. What is its name?
A: Lakshya-1

Q: Name the surface-to-surface missile that has been test-fired by Strategic Forces Command of the Army.
A: Prithvi-II

Q: Where was the 16th NAM summit held?
A: Tehran, Iran

Q: Who has been appointed as the Chief of the Naval Staff?
A: Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi

Q: Name the missile that has been test fired by China on 28th August, 2012.
A: Dongfeng-41 ICBM

Q: Which country recently announced to build a women-only industrial city?
A: Saudi Arabia

Q: Which country recently granted asylum to Mr. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks?
A: Ecuador

Q: Which country announced to withdraw its troop from Afghanistan earlier in 2013?
A: New Zealand

Q: Which country recently joined the World Trade Organization after 18 years?
A: Russia

Q: By whom India's Marry Kom was defeated in Semifinal in London Olympics 2012?
A: Britain's Nicola Adams

Q: Which country won the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2012?
A: India, beating hosts Australia in the final

Q: Which country gets the top possion in medal tally in London Olympics 2012?
A: United State of America

Q: Who won the Toronto ATP Masters tennis tournament 2012?
A: Novak Djokovic

Q: Which club has won the Spanish Super Cup 2012?
A: Real Madrid, beats FC Bercelona

Q: Who won the crown of Miss World 2012?
A: China's Ms. Wen Xia Yu

Some others important events of August 2012

  • The first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong passed away at the age of 82
  • The 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit was held on August 26, 2012.
  • Usain Bolt from Jamaica won the 100m and 200m title at the two consecutive Olymics.
  • Squash player Dipika Pallikal becomes the first India player to enter the semifinals of a Gold Series squash event.
  • China won the 22nd FIBA under-18 boys basketball championship 2012 in Ulan Bator.

London Olympics 2012 medal tally (Top 3)

USA - 104(Gold 46, 29 Silver, 29 Bronze)
China- 87 (Gold 38, 27 Silver, 22 Bronze)
Britain- 65 (Gold 29, 17 Silver, 19 Bronze)

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